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Date: June 17, 2018
Category: News

These ‘mermaids’ dance underwater for half an hour at a time

June 17 at 7:30 AM
The auditorium at Weeki Wachee Springs sits 16 feet underground. Long wooden benches face a thick glass wall, which stays shrouded in blue curtains, resembling ruched swimsuits. But three or four times a day, the curtains rise to reveal clear water.

A ledge juts out, and below, the bottom drops down to a 20-by-3-foot opening, from where about 120 million gallons of water rush from the planet’s interior each day. That small opening leads to caverns, still not fully mapped or explored, that go down more than 400 feet.

Back up top, a soft-shell turtle swims past the glass wall. Maybe a mullet, or a gar. And then the mermaids.

Yes. Mermaids.

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