Mermaid Brittany

Hometown: Bushnell, FL

Phone App: Geocaching
Movie: The Lorax
Book: Heaven is for Real
Holiday: Christmas
Meal: Cheese Fries
Musical Artist: Anything country

What is your greatest accomplishment? Swimming my first show as a Weeki Wachee Mermaid.
Who are two people (past or present) you would like to have dinner with? Ellen DeGeneres & Scott Eastwood
What advice would you have for someone who dreams of becoming a Weeki Wachee Mermaid? Get your tail to the water and practice!
Who is your celebrity crush? Chris Pratt
What is your dream job? Kindergarten Teacher ‍‍👩‍🏫
What is your guilty pleasure? Edy’s double fudge brownie ice cream. 🍨
What is your hidden talent? I can win any claw machine!
Where is your dream vacation destination? Kansas or Indiana, because they have the biggest bucks!
What is your favorite quote? Romans 8:28

Film/TV credits: South Carolina Aquarium (2017), The Penny Hoarder (2017), Vogue Magazine (2017), WTSP Channel 10-Tampa (2017), Chubbies (2017)