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Meet the World-Famous Weeki Wachee Mermaids!

mermaid breanna

Mermaid Breanna

Mermaid Breanna says to follow your dreams and know that the best is yet to come.

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mermaid kristy

Mermaid Kristy

Mermaid Kristy has a hidden gift for playing the flute.

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mermaid amanda

Mermaid Amanda

Mermaid Amanda is a recent grad with a love for Disney and a good prank!

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mermaid stayce

Mermaid Stayce

Don't be surprised if Mermaid Stayce beats you at Candy Crush.

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mermaid amy

Mermaid Amy

Mermaid Amy can't say no to chocolate chip cookies or a good Nicholas Sparks book.

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mermaid chelsea

Mermaid Chelsea

Mermaid Chelsea is a Christmas and taco lover who advises others to "just keep swimming."

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mermaid taylor

Mermaid Taylor

Mermaid Taylor would love to travel the world and meet Princess Kate.

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mermaid crystal

Mermaid Crystal

Mermaid Crystal enjoys track & field and is always up for a game of Trivia Crack.

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mermaid cheyenne

Mermaid Cheyenne

Mermaid Cheyenne is a hard worker who can't say no to some shrimp alfredo.

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mermaid whitney

Mermaid Whitney

Mermaid Whitney is always happy when she's listening to George Strait & Miranda Lambert.

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mermaid fiona

Mermaid Fiona

Mermaid Fiona is a fan of BBQ, 80s music, and New Year's Eve.

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mermaid cyndi

Mermaid Cyndi

Mermaid Cyndi is living out her dream of being a Weeki Wachee Mermaid.

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mermaid katie

Mermaid Katie

You can find Mermaid Katie on Snapchat or reading with her son.

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mermaid victoria v

Mermaid Victoria V.

Mermaid Victoria V. knows how to look elegant underwater and also has an artsy side.

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mermaid emily

Mermaid Emily

Mermaid Emily would love to meet Zac Efron and travel to London.

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mermaid victoria c

Mermaid Victoria C.

You can find Mermaid Victoria C. reading a Harry Potter book or having a dance party.

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mermaid charlene

Mermaid Charlene

Mermaid Charlene dreams of traveling to Santorini - and meeting Oprah.

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mermaid james

Prince James

Prince James is a fan of video games, karaoke and Thanksgiving dinner.

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Prince Zach

Prince Zach is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and loves Star Wars.

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