UPDATE: The swimming area at Buccaneer Bay will be closed for renovation February 1 – March 9. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

Junior Mermaid Camp

Adventures Under the Spring Mermaid Camp

2-day weekend camp for children ages 7-14

If your child has ever dreamt of becoming a mermaid, you won’t want to miss this exciting 2-day camp! We’ll teach your child what it is like to be a Weeki Wachee mermaid performer. Your child will learn the grace and basic ballet moves that our mermaids perform every day and have training sessions in 15 feet of water with a watchful instructor.

Campers will learn the daily responsibilities of being a mermaid while getting a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to put on a show. On the last day of camp, all parents and friends are invited to view the underwater performance the campers have learned. Each camper will also get to participate in one of our mermaid shows as a dry performer in the underwater theater!

Your child will also receive a beautiful “Mermaid Makeover” and self-portrait, as well as a group shot of their camp. In addition, the price of each camp session includes two daily admission tickets to the park, which are good for the child’s scheduled weekend of camp. This is for the family to have the chance to enjoy the park as well, but we ask the parent to remain outside of the camp area until the pickup time.

If your child is not comfortable swimming in the spring, please reconsider this camp. Please note that your child will not be instructed to breathe off our air hoses. This requires SCUBA certification, first aid, CPR, and several months of training, as well as being 18 years of age. Your child will be swimming in approximately 15 feet of water. There will be trained underwater performers with your child at all times, and there are areas your child may hang onto if they become fatigued.

Camp sessions are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. There is a maximum of eight children for each camp weekend. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Things to Bring:

  • Bathing suit
  • Towels
  • Sandals or tennis shoes
  • Shorts/t-shirt
  • Comb or hairbrush
  • Sunscreen
  • Goggles or mask
  • Underwater camera (optional)
  • Lunch or lunch money

2017 Mermaid Camp Dates
Ages 7-10
April 1-2
April 29-30
May 20-21
June 17-18 (SOLD OUT)
July 15-16 (SOLD OUT)
August 12-13
August 26-27

Ages 11-14
April 22-23
May 13-14
June 3-4 (SOLD OUT)
July 1-2
July 29-30
August 19-20

How to Pay
A nonrefundable payment of $300 must be received to reserve the mermaid camp date requested. Otherwise, it will not be reserved. We are only accepting credit card payment over the phone to reserve dates unless you are at the park to pay in person.

If you have any questions or need to reserve your spot, please email weekiwacheejrmermaidcamp@gmail.com. Someone will contact you as soon as possible.